Artists Colony Mathildenhöhe

Mathildenhöhe at night

In 1899 Hessen`s Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig called 7 artists to Darmstadt, whose first joint task was to create a living and working environment and to present the finished achievement to the public. This includes the wedding tower (Tel.: 06151-7019087) the Russian chapel, the plane-tree grove, the exhibition building (Tel.: 06151-133350) and the residential houses. The former studio building of the artists was modelled on a medieval builders hut. The building has been the museum of the Artists Colony Darmstadt since 1990 (Tel.: 06151-133385)


Luisenplatz with Ludwig Monument and Council Building (Kollegiengebäude)

The Luisenplatz (Square) is the centre of Darmstadt. The 39 m high Ludwig Monument was built to the design of Georg Moller in 1844. The council building stands on the north side and was established as the seat of the ministries in 1781.




Laid out at the end of the 16th century and transformed into an English landscape garden in 1766 by Countess Caroline. In the north east a rococo composition joins the Prince-George-Garden. It was laid out in geometrical basic forms in 1764.



The "Waldspirale" (Forest spiral)

The "Waldspirale" (Forest spiral), the last of Friedensreich Hundertwasser's completed building complexes in his lifetime depicts typical features: columns, bulbous spires and "Baummieter" (trees planted inside). For the first time, recycled concrete was used in the building of the housing.


The hill with the picturesque distant view was laid out as a park in 1810. Alongside the mausoleums and the graves of the grand ducal houses, the rosarium and rose gardens are situated on the top of the hill.



St. Ludwig's Church


 The church, modelled on the Roman pantheon, was built by Georg Moller in 1827


New Synagogue

After the destruction of both the old synagogues, the New Synagogue could not be inaugurated until 1988. Inside, the glass windows designed by Brian Clarke are of particular beauty.


Stadtkirche (City Church)

The church, first mentioned as the church "Our Cherished Ladies" in 1369, was chosen by the Landgrave George 1st for the graves of his house. Worth seeing is the 9 m high alabaster epitaph in memory of the first consort of George 1st.


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