Recommendations for excursions and sightseeing, surrounding area

Not only the Bergstrasse Region – "Mountain Road Region" with its colourful Old Towns, vineyards and the blooming season during the Germany’s "first spring", but also the mysterious Odenwald Region with its altitudes and marvellous lookouts, forests and picturesque villages in meadow valleys and the riversides at the Main and Neckar, with their medieval timber-framed buildings, châteaus and castles make this region so attractive for your vacation. Here, for this reason, we have compiled a number of interesting destinations in the immediate neighbourhood of the Bergstrasse - Mountain Road which are always worth a visit.


Eberstadt Stalactite Cave – a fairytale world in the lower Muschelkalk (Middle Triassic) formation

The Eberstadt Stalactite Cave, with its 600-m-long footpath is one of Germany’s most popular and biggest show caves.


High Ropes Course Rhine-Neckar in Viernheim

Kletterwald – High Ropes Course an athletic challenge which offers a lot of fun and great attractions such as the so-called "Tarzansprung" – "Jump of Tarzan".




Boat Cruises on the Neckar River

A boat cruise on the Neckar River, passing by numerous legendary castles and châteaus which are situated on forested mountain sides, offers to each visitor silence, relaxation as well as recreation and will turn it into a great experience.

The Nibelung City of Worms

Not only the Nibelung Song is connected inseparably with the city of Worms, also Martin Luther and the Reformation have left their marks here.




Amorbach – charming baroque town in the Odenwald

Amorbach is a historical baroque town located in the heart of the Bavarian Odenwald.


Michelstadt with its half-timbered houses offers one of the best-preserved Hessian-Frankish townscapes.

Four-Castle-Town of Neckarsteinach

Four castles of the 12th and 13th century, witnesses of an turbulent past, are today the visible landmark of the town – the "Vierburgenstadt" – "Four-Castle-Town".

German Ivory Museum in Erbach

The redesigned German Ivory Museum located in Erbach presents itself in an unconventional and exciting way.

Count’s Antique Collection Erbach Palace

Behind the thick walls of Erbach Palace with its neobaroque fassade the watches seem to have stopped.

Fuerth-Erlenbach Mountain Animal Garden

Fürth-Erlenbach is situated in a landscape of low mountains at the foot of Krehberg Mountain with a clear view of the Weschnitztal - Weschnitz Valley. The quietly situated village is eminently suited for wanderers and for those seeking recreation.

Lautertal-Reichenbach Sea of Rocks

The Felsenmeer – Sea of Rocks is a bizarre stone scenery and a fascination for every visitor. It is situated in Reichenbach approximately 8 km north-eastern to Bensheim.



Sinsheim Car and Technology Museum

The history of the development of traffic technology during the past 100 years can be seen in this museum.

World Nature Heritage Site Messel Pit (Darmstadt-Dieburg)

The Messel Pit became known because of its wealth of preserved fossils of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects and plants from the Eocene which were found there.

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