Survey of Museums

Darmstadt: Hesse State Museum, Rail Museum Kranichstein, Hunting Lodge Museum Kranichstein, Village Museum Wixhausen, Wella Museum, Museum Artists`Colony, old Town Museum in the Hinkelturm, Castle Museum, Grand Duchy - Hesse Collection of Chinaware...  more >>


Seeheim-Jugenheim: Museum of the Local History... more >> 


Bickenbach: Museum of the Local History... more >>


Alsbach-Hähnlein: Museum of the Local History... more >>


Zwingenberg: Museum of the Local History... more >>


Bensheim: Town Museum Bensheim, Conservation of Nature Centre Bergstraße... more >>


Lorsch: Museums`Centre Lorsch... more >>


Heppenheim: Museum of Town History and Folklore, East German Cultural and Local Heritage and Schönbach Heritage, Fire Brigade Museum, Savings Bank Museum... more >>


Weinheim: The Town Museum Weinheim... more >>


Hirschberg: Art Gallery... more >>


Schriesheim: The Kerg Museum... more >>


Ladenburg: Car Museum Dr. Carl Benz in the old Benz Factory, Ladenburg Auctioneers, Lobdengau Museum in the Bischofshof... more >>


Dossenheim: Museum of Local History... more >>


Heidelberg: Museum of the Palatinate, Textilmuseum Max Berk, Museum of Ancient Art, Museum of Ecclesiastical Arts, German Pharmacy Museum, Cajeth House Museum, University Museum, Frierich Ebert Memorial, German Packaging Museum, Documentation and Cultural Center of the German Sinti and Roma, Carl Bosch Museum, Heidelberg Art Gallery, Ethnographical Museum, The Prinzhorn Collection, Sculpture Parc Heidelberg... more >>